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IT Research

SEED Grant

Name of the teacher provided with seed money Title of the Seed Project
Mr.Ch.SivakoteswaraRao Opinion mining for drug reviews
Mr.K.Praveen Kumar Automatic notification of gas cylinder status and alarming system on leakage of gas
Mr.D.Anandhakumar Twitter sentiment analysis based on ordinal regression
Ms. SK. Nazma Sultana Optimized water scheduling using IOT sensor data in smart farming
Dr.N.Veeranjaneyulu Improved data extraction from EHR as linked data for data analysis and decision making
Dr.B.Premamayudu Improved artistic image generation using transfer learning
Dr.K.Sujatha Development of frequent and infrequent pattern mining models for e-commerce databases
Dr.P.SubbaRao Agri rover automatic seedling by using amica board
Dr.K.V.K Kishore Solar based multi-tasking agricultural robo
Dr.U. Janardhan Reddy Identification of lung cancer stages using efficient machine learning framework


Name of the Teacher awarded National/ International Fellowship / Financial support Name of the Award / Fellowship
Ms. K. Sindhu Research Assistance Fellowship
Mr. Nagabhushanam Dasari Research Assistance Fellowship

Research Fellows

Year of Enrolment Name of Research Fellow
2019-20 V Nagavardhan Ponnada
2019-20 Amol R Kulkarni
2019-20 Jayabharathi Ch
2019-20 Lavanya Kumari Priya
2019-20 Gavini Naga Pavani
2019-20 Sandhya Krishna P
2019-20 Khadrilalitha Vanisri
2019-20 Sirisha Aswadhati
2019-20 Hima Bindu Gogineni
2019-20 Sarada Korrapati
2018-19 Venkata Ranga Rao K
2018-19 Kavitha Athota
2018-19 Gayatri Ketepalli
2016-17 Perraju Tetali
2016-17 Yenugula Swapna
2016-17 Prashanti Guttikonda
2016-17 Yenduri Gokul
2016-17 Velpula Nagi Reddy
2015-16 Arup Guha
2015-16 Kommajosyula Ramakumar

Extramural funding - Non Government organizations

Year No.of Projects Amount (INR in Lakhs)
2019-20 12 6.4
2018-19 35 10.64
2017-18 17 9.73
2016-17 6 4.39
2015-16 5 3.96266

Govt. Funded Projects completed

Sno Title of the Project Period of the Project Funding Agency Sanctioned Amounts
1 Development of Educational Suite to Train visually challenged in Computer programming and Information Technology Skills 2013-2016
PI: Mr. A.Raghunath
DST-SEED Rs 23,87,432/-
2 Women Technology Park at Vadlamudi 2014-2017
Co-PIs: Mrs. K. Santhi Sri & Mrs. PRSM Lakshmi
DST-SEED(WTP) Rs.63,15,000/-

Number of Books / Book Chapters / Conferences

Year No. of Publications
2019-20 20
2018-19 9
2017-18 20
2016-17 30
2015-16 1
Total 80

Number of Publications

Year No. of Publications
2020 29
2019 12
2018 9
2017 12
2016 16
2015 15
Total 93

Consultancy Projects - Revenue Generated

Year No. of Projects Amount (INR)
2019-20 8 730000
2018-19 4 800000
2017-18 6 1855000
2016-17 3 500000
2015-16 1 320000

Research groups in the Department

S.No Area Members
1 Machine Learning Dr. K.V. Krishna Kishore, Mr. Ch. Siva Koteswara Rao, Ms. T. Gayathri, Mr. B. Naga Sudheer
2 Information Security & Cryptography Dr.B.Premamayudu, Dr. Hemanth Kumar Bhuyan, Mrs. K. Gayatri, Mr. Y. Srikanth Yadav, Mr. Sk. Nyamtulla, Mr. P. Ramadoss
3 Cloud Computing, Data mining & Big Data Dr. N. Veeranjaneyulu, Dr. K. Sujatha, Mrs. K. Santhi Sri, Mrs. PRSM Lakshmi, Mr. K. Praveen Kumar, Dr. U. Janardhan Reddy,  Mr. D. Madhusudhana Rao, Mrs. P. Sarada
4 Software Engineering Dr. P. SubbaRao,  Mr. Y. Goukul, Mrs. P. Radha Madhavi
5 Image Processing Dr. S. Vijayraj, Mr. V. Nagi Reddy, Mr. K. Harinath, Mrs. Sk. Nazma Sultana

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