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Dept. of Biotechnology


  • Entry into M.Tech/M.S. Programmes
  • Biotech Industry Placement
  • PGDBT with B.Sc. is credit equivalent to B.Tech

  •  Eligibility

  • B.Sc, Life Sciences (Botany, Zoology, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Biochemistry etc.,)

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  •  A few Glimpses of One-year program in Post-Graduate Diploma in Biotechnology

    The discipline of Biotechnology deals with the applicationof principles of chemistry, physics and engineering to unravel the useful products from the domain of bewildening flora and fauna. The biological products are innumerable. Therefore, there is alort of importance given in the industrial sector and also in the enterprenurship sector. They vary from food supplements to therapeutics to diagnostics. Of the proteins, the structureof the antibody, elucidated by Porter and Edelman, has led to plethora of opportunites in the health sector.

    Further, students will be exposed during PGDB course to industrial orientation akin to Practice School Facility. Industrial expert fro M/S Biological E Ltd, M/S Bharat biotech International ltd, M/S Virchow Biotech Pvt Ltd and M/S Hetero Biopharma Ltd handle a few topics relating to product manufacturing during the one-year program of Post-Graduate Diploma in Biotechnology

    This one-year Post-Graduate Diploma in Biotechnology, focus on Vaccinology, Antibody Engineering and Bioporcess Technology, is in tune with National Educational Policy 2020. There are twin advantage for students who opt this program. The first adavantage is to make an entry in the industry directly soon after the successful completion of this program and another is to get into the higher studies i.e., the entry into the M.Tech. in Biotechnology as the required four-year of study as a prerequisite for M.Tech. will be fulfilled with this diploma.

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