विज्ञान शास्त्र प्रौद्योगिकी और परिशोधन संगठन
విజ్ఞాన శాస్త్ర సాంకేతిక పరిశోధనా సంస్థ

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At Vignan, the path breaking career progression runs on a futuristic vision, filled with passion for excellence, and a strong fulfilling desire to serve a holistic technical education for today’s young minds. This unfathomable love for academic excellence is rooted through tireless pioneering spirit that had seasoned in over three-decades when an engineering college grew to the region’s best engineering college. Over the years, self-reliance percolated with the highest standards that coupled with academic excellence raised its position from an affiliated engineering college into VFSTR (Deemed to be University) in 2008.

Right place for creative minds...

Welcome to a place with 45-year legacy of Academic Excellence. As you explore, you begin to find yourself in a well diversed and intellectually intriguing atmosphere

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