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Organized Events

  • Guest Lectures

    Sno Date Topic Resource Person

    13th August, 2019

    Recent market for Python language

    Mr. Pasumarthi Harshith (Sr. Software Engineer, Infosys, Hyderabad)


    24th January, 2019

    Accenture new motive -Getting To Equal 2019:

    Creating A Culture That Drives Innovation

    Mr. G. Naveen (Software developer, Accenture, Hyderabad)


    30th October, 2018

    Digital Marketing

    Mr. Janardhan Raju, Director of LOGIN TECHNOLOGIES.


    29th October, 2018

    Cucumber Testing tool

    Mr. Ch. Ravi Teja (Software developer, Process Map Pvt. ltd, Hyderabad) and Ms. T.S.L.

    Sindhura (Quality Analyst, CloudfX solutions, Hyderabad)


    25th October, 2018


    Mr.A.Vijaya Ratnam, VFSTR Deemed to be University.


    16th August, 2018

    Data Analytics tools

    Ms. Sri Sai Swathi Governeni Working as Analytics Consultant- Wells Fargo EGS India

    Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


    15th September 2017

    Cloud Computing

    Mr. Lakshmi Narasimha Murthy


    21st July, 2017

    .NET and MVC frameworks

    Mr. N. Naresh (Sr.  .NET Developer, Pronix IT solutions, Hyderabad)


    06th June 2017

    Enjoyable Programming

    Prof. Jey Veerasamy, Director, The University of Texas, USA


    20th Feb 2017

    Transforming UG - Scholars to IT professionals

    Sri. Srirama Chakradhar


    03rd Sep 2016

    Opportunities in Big Data - A case Study

    Raghava Krishnamaraju

    12 25th July 2013 guest Lecture on New Trends in IT Industry Mr Eamon Nolan,
    National College of Ireland
    13 29th September 2012 Awareness on Information Security Mr.I.L. Narasimha,
    Computer Society of Inida, Hyderabad
    14 04th August 2011 Cloud Computing Prof. Paul Stains
    National College of Ireland
    15 27th July 2011 Careers in Indian Navy Lt. Cdr. Sachin Ballall
    16 26th July 2011 Inspiring speech to faculty Dr. K S Gnadhi
    Indian Institute of Sciences, Bangalore.
    Prof. B G Barki
    National Institute of Technical Treachers Training & Research.
    17 04th January 2011 Machine Learning Dr. P. Subrahmanyam
    K L University
    18 05th January 2011 Cloud Computing Dr. Keith Maycock,
    National College of Ireland
    19 06th January 2011 Footsteps for Software Developer Mr. A. Srinivas
    20 17th June 2010 Opportunities of Career growth after completion of B.Tech Mr. R.Ravi Chandra
    21 08th June 2009 Wireless Networks Mr. Naga Lingam
    DGM, BSNL,Tenali
    22 09th June 2009 Zigbee Mr. P. Hari Babu
    CDAC, Bangalore
    23 10th June 2009 Network Management Mr. Pranay Kumar
    24 11th June 2009 Wi-max Mr. M. Sridhar
    25 05th Nov 2009 Careers in Software Testing Mr. Sai Kumar
    Minetre Solutions, Bangalore
    26 08th to 19th
    June 2009
    Wireless Lan Dr. B. Seetharamanjaneyulu
    Professor CSE Department
    27 08th to 19th
    June 2009
    Blue Tooth Dr. B. Seetharamanjaneyulu
    Professor CSE Department
    28 12th & 13th
    June 2009
    Embedded Systems Prof. K V Krishna Kishore
    29 15thJune 2009 Security in WLANS Mr. S. Azhaguvel
    30 17th June 2009 Data Dissemination in Mobile Hosts Mr. R. Prakash Rao
  • Workshops

    S.No Year Name of the Workshop Dates



    Source Code Management Using Git &Github

    16-02-2021 to 17-02-2021

    Six day Workshop on “Web Desiging using React JS”

    15-02-2021 to 20-02-2021



    TCS sponsored Eight Day Faculty Development program on Block Chain Technology.

    27-04-2020 to 04-05-2020

    A Three day workshop on "Natural Language Processing: An application perspective

    11-03-2020 to 13-03-2020

    Workshop on “Android Application Development”

    09-03-2020 to 11-03-2020

    A Three day hands on workshop on Data Analytics and visualization

    07-02-2020 to 09-02-2020

    A three day National workshop on Block chain and its applications

    23-12-2019 to 25-12-2019

    DST Sponsored Three day national workshop on internet of things

    30-08-2019 to 01-09-2019



    Three day national workshop on cybersecurity crypt analysis and security for physical infrastructure

    20-06-2019 to 22-06-2019

    FDP on Advances in Signal Processing & Optimization Techniques

    03-06-2019 to 07-06-2019

    A Two Week workshop on “Google Android Developer Fundamentals”

    20-05-2019 to 01-06-2019

    FDP on Deep Learning & Applications

    27-05-2019 to 31-05-2019

    A Two day workshop on Internet Of Things (IOT)

    04-01-2019 to 05-01-2019

    A  One week work shop on AI and Machine Learning Under the ECIT

    17-12-2018 to 21-12-2018



    Faculty Development program on “Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning and Computer Vision Applications using MATLAB with hands on training”

    07-05-2018 to 11-05-2018

    One Week FDP on Cloud Computing Security

    10-04-2018 to 14-04-2018

    One Week Workshop Network Security and Applications

    04-01-2018 to 10-01-2018

    Two day National workshop on IOT( Internet of Things)

    08-09-2017 to 09-09-2017

    Two day National workshop on Android application Development

    11-08-2017 to 12-08-2017



    FDP on Open Source Cloud Computing Platforms

    05-06-2017 to 10-06-2017

    FDP on Big Data and Its Applications

    24-04-2017 to 29-04-2017

    Seven Day National Workshop on Android Application Development

    02-12-2016 to 08-12-2016

    Three Day workshop on Hadoop and Hive

    25-08-2016 to 27-08-2016

    Three Day workshop on Software Testing

    10-11-2016 to 12-11-2016



    15 day workshop on PHP & MYSQL

    25-05-2016 to 10-06-2016

    One week Workshop on Big Data and Hadoop

    29-04-2016 to 03-05-2016

    A workshop on Internet Of Things(IOT) and Smart Cities

    28-03-2016 to 06-04-2016

    Two day hands on workshop on Hybrid App. Development

    13-03-2016 to 14-03-2016

    Certificate course on Python Programming

    01-02-2016 to 19-02-2016

    A Two Day Workshop on Open Source Technologies

    21-12-2015 to 22-12-2015

  • Seminars / Conferences

    S. No Year Title of the Conferences Dates



    National Conference on Recent Advances in Information Technology (NCRAIT-2020) (Intelligent Systems)

    11-12-2020 & 12-12-2020



    National Conference on Recent advances in Information Technology (NCRAIT -2019)

    30-8-2019 & 31-8-2019



    International Conference On Computational Intelligence &Data Engineering (ICCIDE - 2018) - Indexed by Springer

    28-9-2018 & 29-9-2018



    International Conference on Leadership for
    Sustainable Socio - Ecological Systems

    23-7-2016 to 25-7-2016



    National Conference on Technological
     Research in Information Technology ( NTRIT)

    19-9-2014 & 20-9-2014

  • Webinars

    S.no Date Programme Resource Person No. of Participants attended
    1 18.06.2021 One day National Webinar on Android Application Security Prof. Manoj Sing Gaur, Director, IIT Jammu, core group member of ISEA (Information Security Education and Awareness) Project, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology ( Meity), Govt of India. 200
    2 04.06.2021 National Webinar on Applications of Artificial Intelligence Across Industry Domains Mr. HanuYedluri , Data Scientist, Founder & CEO of Instaemi.com,  rainlabs.ai, Digitalailabs.com and Assestandmore.com 204
    3 28.05.2021 Webinar on Methods and Techniques for Privacy Preserving in Blockchain Prof. R.K. Shyamasundar, JC Bose National Fellow & Distinguished V. Professor, IIT Bombay 182

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