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IT Infrastructure

Right from its inception, VFSTR is planning its infrastructure facilities in a time-bound, scientific way towards facilitating all learning activities without any hassle. The institution adopts "Bottom up approach" in planning and "Top down approach" in execution and monitoring. While the policy is to comply with all statutory norms, the strategy is to provide more than what is stipulated to increase comfort in teaching learning process and student living.


Department of IT has spacious laboratories and ergonomically designed classrooms with all the required facilities. The total Number of Class rooms are 9 and 4 Tutorial Rooms, with the total area of 917.41 Sq. Mtrs.

The total area of 5 laboratories is 421.42 sq.m. The total area of Administrative & Staff rooms is 400 Sq.m. In addition to that there is an additional area of 50sq.m for departmental Library and others.

S. No. Name of the Infrastructural facility Quantity
1 Department Library 01
2 Class rooms with ICT facility 09
4 Students’ laboratories 05
5 Research laboratories 01

Department Library Resources

S. No Category Total
1 Number of Titles 397
2 Number of volumes 397
3 Number of Journals 55
4 Indian Journals 07


Department of IT has a total of 5 Laboratories. The labs are equipped with all the advanced software and latest computer systems. Student-to-computer ratio of 4 : 1 is maintained to facilitate easy access and availability of more time to students to practise in the laboratories.

S. No Room No Name of the Lab Total Cost (Rs.)
1 ASF-08 Advance Programming Arena - Advanced Programming & Networking Lab 20,16,107/-
2 ASF-08 Networking Arena - Advanced Programming & Networking Lab
3 ATF-08 Data Analytics Lab - Data Analytics Arena 11,84,595/-
4 ATF-08 Data Analytics Lab - Web Technologies Arena
5 AFF-05 IOT & Research Lab 2,51,977/-


A dedicated 1 GBPS Internet connection is installed to meet the growing needs of staff and students to pursue their research. All the systems on the campus are wired to file servers. All the 550 systems are connected to the internet.

IEEE online Journals

A dedicated 1 GBPS Internet connection is installed to meet the growing needs of staff and students to pursue their research. This facility complements the use of IEEE - Online journals and DELNET, a network of libraries to share books and research material.

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