11 best-paying jobs in a pharmaceutical company

Indian Pharmaceutical sector, valued at US $ 42 billion in 2021, ranks 3rd in terms of volume and 13th in terms of value, is meeting the global demand for medicines, medical devices, vaccines etc., with an estimated growth of 17.7% YOY. Pharmaceutical education, prepares professionals for the pharmaceutical industry, health care, drug discovery, clinical and community needs. Because of the increase in the demand for qualified professionals and increased medical expenditure due to the prevailing pandemic conditions in the world, there is a tremendous scope for these professionals to cater the needs.

This article will look at the pharmaceutical industry, what you might learn in pharmaceutical programs or related degree courses, the traits and skills required of pharmaceutical professionals, the 11 highest-paying jobs in the industry and the best B.Pharm colleges in Guntur.

What exactly does the pharmaceutical industry entail?

The pharmaceutical industry is a conglomerate of various activities, which together contribute to the evolution of medicines, few of them are research and development, manufacturing, testing, regulatory, packaging, marketing, dispensing of medicinal products, medical devices and services. New generation portfolios such as adverse drug reporting in pharma covigilance, data analysis of clinical research, clinical testing, Insilco drug design, also are making way into the pharma industry.

India's Pharmaceutical Industry

Over 20000 drug manufacturers in India sold $9 billion in bulk drugs and formulations. Almost 85 percent of the formulations were sold in India, and 60 percent of the bulk drugs were exported to many countries across the world, making India as one of the largest Exporter of Bulk drugs. The majority of market participants are small to medium-sized businesses.

Skills required excelling in pharmacy profession

Professionals in pharmaceutical industry could excel by imparting themselves with expertise in the disease pathology, analytical techniques, formulation techniques, standard operating procedures, validation of raw materials, equipment and procedures, manufacturing plant management, regulatory requirement in the manufacturing, discovery, Quality control, knowledge of storage, scaleup, technology transfer, supply chain management, packaging and marketing. There are number of opportunities.

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Top 11 High-Paying Jobs in India's Pharmaceutical Industry:

1. Drug Safety Specialist – Involved in the Design and Discovery of new drugs, preclinical testing

2. Quality assurance manager – Assures the quality of the Finished Formulations, Manufacturing procedures

3. Quality control and validation – validates the processes involved in the manufacture of bulk drugs and formulations

4. Chemical research analyst - Conduction of human clinical trials and bioequivalence studies

5. Pharma covigilance – Adverse Drug reaction reporting, monitoring and contributing to the central pharma covigilance commission

6. Data Analyst - Analyze the clinical Data and provide technical support for the statistical conclusion of the results

7. Pharma Marketing – national and international marketing of bulk drugs and formulations

8. Research & Development – New formulation development to enhance the drug delivery and effective treatment

9. Clinical Pharmacist – Expertise in pharmacotherapy in hospitals and clinics

10. Academician – to cater the needs of universities and colleges

11. Manufacturing Chemist – maintenance of pharmaceutical Manufacturing unit, scaleup, tech transfer, supply chain

Salaries of pharmacy professionals

A fresh graduate of pharmacy earns between Rs. 20,000 to 40,000 per month and apart from this the growth in the salaries is exponential for the deserved employee, based on their skills and expertise. There will also be a profound shift in the designation with time. Indian pharmaceutical sector caters the need of global demand of bulk drugs to 40% and the vaccines to 30%. Dr Reddy’s Laboratories, sun pharmaceuticals, Aurobindo, Mylan Labs, Laurus Laboratories, NATCO Pharma, Divis labs, Gland Pharma, Bharat Biotech, Biological-e Ltd, Santha Biotech, Indian Immunological, Cadila, Aventis, are Few of the highest paying pharma companies in India.

How to Get a High-Paying Job in India's Pharmaceutical Industry?

If you want to work in the pharmaceutical industry in India, you must have a minimum a two-year diploma in pharmacy (D.Pharma) or a four-year bachelor's degree in pharmacy (B.Pharma) from the best colleges in Guntur.

You can be admitted to D.Pharma or B.Pharma based on the merit marks obtained in the university's entrance examination. After completing your B.Pharmacy, you can pursue an M.Pharmacy and then a Ph.D.

Pharmacists, suppliers, contacts, and others need to understand how to communicate complex clinical information to people outside the pharmaceutical industry.

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