Go Your Own Way: 5 Surprising Careers in Pharmaceutical Science

Pharmacy is an interesting degree to take up in graduation. It is possible to make a good career in pharmaceutical science by doing a bachelor's in pharmacy degree. A lot of people have the wrong assumption that there are not many career options after pursuing the same. However, apart from the well-known options, there are 5 surprising careers that students could opt for in the field of pharmaceutical science.

1. Research and Development

One of the most interesting options for a career in Pharmaceutical Science is to opt for research and development. These will have the core subjects that you will study in your undergraduate degree. It is possible to get a role in the research and development sector such as the FMCG sector, biotech, and pharmaceutical. You can go for postgraduates programs. You can also go for the analytical R and D sector.

2. Entrepreneurship

A surprising field that most pharmacy graduates do not consider is entrepreneurship. While the start-up culture in this industry is not very famous, pharmacy graduates can have their products on the following themes. Some products need expertise and will require a pharmacist.

3. Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing as ample opportunities for students who have pursued their pharmacy from the best college for pharmaceutical in Guntur such as Vignan University (Deemed to be). The job offered in this field is fulfilling as well as a good amount of salary that is provided.

4. Manufacturing and Quality Assurance

Another really good career option is available for students in pharmacy for manufacturing and quality assurance. These are close to the subjects of pharmacy. There are desk jobs also available related to these fields.

5. Regulatory Affairs

If you are someone who is also inclined towards law, one of the exciting options, for eg, after pursuing a degree in Pharmaceutical College in Guntur would be to take a job in regulatory affairs. Here you can be involved in the legal aspect of the drug industry.

Why Make A Career in Pharmacy?

These are five of the multiple options that there are in the field of pharmacy. Pharmacy is a respected profession and precise science that is growing day by day in terms of opportunities. In India, we see more importance given to the health industry which assures further development. There is a diverse range of possibilities that exist, as we have seen above. There are career options in fields that are related to commerce, law, and science.

Based on your interests such as whether you would like more working hours or would like some flexibility you can choose your career option. There are several 9-5 jobs available, with a good pay grade and ample opportunities.

With fields such as regulatory affairs, it is possible to make changes in society and the way drugs are consumed as well as access. There is potential for being able to make a difference in society. The career options available in the field of pharmaceutical science are also stable in nature.

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