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      The Department of Biotechnology offers academic programmes like B.Tech (Biotechnology), B.Tech (Bioinformatics) and M.Tech (Biotechnology) and a research program viz., Ph.D. The curriculum is updated once in three years and R16 curriculum is in vogue orienting towards imparting skills in addition to the in-depth coverage of the core discipline. The curriculum is an outcome of the brainstorming sessions conducted in the department and further authenticated by the members of Board of Studies drawn from reputed International and National academic, research and industrial organizations.

      Being a highly refined and sophisticated discipline, the department of biotechnology is complied by having experienced faculty with a rich and varied teaching and research exposure. Many of them have postdoctoral research experience from national institutions and reputed institutions abroad. The department incessantly aims to train students by imparting them latest industry required knowledge in the fields of Biotechnology, Bioinformatics and other allied areas.

      The minor streams in the disciplines of Management, Electronics, Information Technology and Social Sciences are coupled at the choice of the students with the core disciplines to widen the employment potential of students as not only technocrats but also techno leaders and entrepreneurs. Driven by new enterprise and innovation in recent years, the Department of Biotechnology has an accelerated growth path and is rapidly attaining critical mass in terms of skills and capabilities to polish the students to be truly global players. The department aspires to transform its students into young scientists who will strive to create cutting edge ecofriendly technologies for solving global and national level environmental problems, food security, invent processing technologies and make-India a market leader in agro and pharmaceutical products.

      The Department has well defined and exclusive built up space of about 1800 sq. meters at Aryabhatta Orbit with facilities for carrying out both regular academic as well as research work in various areas of biotechnology namely Bioprocess technology, Bioinformatics, Genetic Engineering, Plant Biotechnology, Molecular Biology,Microbiology, Immunodiagnostics, Cytotoxicity assays and Animal cell culture etc.

      Besides encouraging students to become proficient in their academic arena, the Department of Bio-technology motivates them to participate in various personality enhancing activities. The student association VIBA (Vignan's Innovative Biotechnologists Association) regularly conducts curricular and co-curricular activities and news letter VBERT (Vignan Biotech Extension Research & Training) provides the information related to technical, cultural and literary competitions at both intra and inter University level. Professionals from industry and national research laboratories, visit the department to give guest lectures and seminars on the latest developments and industry practices in Biotechnology & Bioinformatics. Biotechnology engineers can easily make a career in Bioinformatics, for which the department conducts value added programmes in Bioinformatics like PERL, PYTHON to prepare the students for their prospective careers.

Dr.Krupanidhi Srirama
Professor & HoD, Biotech Dept

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